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Time passed poppy." The main competitor of McDonald's complained about the refusal of the Russian TV infomercial company

Key Russian television stations refused to broadcast live the full version of the video advertising network fast food Burger King with the slogan poppy time ago!

The video shows a poppy flower, which falls on top of a sandwich from Burger King. The voiceover says, "It's poppy. Once it was popular, but his time has passed."

In turn, the management of the leading Russian TV channels decided not to let the roller on the air, according to a release issued by Burger King. Motivated the decision that such advertising conflicts with the editorial policy of TV channels.

The representatives of Burger King complained that the advertising on the channels refused TNT, STS, Russia 2, NTV and pepper. There will be an edited version of an advertisement is shown. The full version of advertising decided to show only the Ren-TV, 2x2 and Disney. In addition, the video is also available on YouTube.
Russian TV channels refused to show the controversial movie of Burger King

In Burger King argue that the maximum has been featured in advertising as a metaphor for a bad habit, because of which people are using one thing, paying no attention to the alternatives.

This week, the Reporter.biz wrote about another advertising scandal - German manufacturer of hygiene products and cleaning Henkel has stopped production of a toilet freshener in the form of blue-and-yellow rectangle in response to the outrage of Ukrainians, who saw this production a hint of the national flag.

Burger King Corporation - an American company, the owner of the fast food chain Burger King. Founded in 1954, Burger King chain now has more than 12.6 million pixels in 86 countries and is the second largest chain of fast food restaurants in the world after the network McDonalds. The headquarters is located in Miami, Florida. A staple of the network are the burgers. A key competitor Burger King is a network of McDonald's , which in Russian is often referred to as "MakDak" or "poppy".

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