среда, 21 августа 2013 г.

During the promotional LG in Seoul affected 20 people

20 people were injured during a promotion LG in Seoul, South Korea, reports the Korea Times.

The incident occurred during the promotions of the new smartphone G2.

Since then the company has canceled several promotional events.

The company distributes promotional vouchers for smart phones that were attached to balloons filled with helium.

People came to the promotional campaign with pneumatic guns and knives attached to a stick to get those balls.

Several wounded had to go to the doctors. The company LG said it will pay for their medical expenses.

In a statement, LG announced that it cancels the other planned actions for security reasons.

LG has extended 100 balls, each of which contained a voucher for a free smartphone. This action took place in a park in Seoul.

The company announced that the phones cost more than $ 850 will be free to give in exchange for vouchers.

Armed Visitors shares went for balls, as soon as they were released into the air.

Local television compare the beginning of the struggle for phones with an episode in the film "War of the Worlds Z", when the zombies began to climb on top of each other to climb over the wall.

In Mindohodov deny the lock of the largest newspaper in Western Ukraine

The Ministry of income and fees denies blocking of newspaper Express.
"We inform you that any action aimed at limiting the ability of companies that publish a newspaper, register tax bills in the Unified Register of tax bills, officials of the Ministry of income and charges of Ukraine did not materialize. Currently OOO Express Newspaper, LLC Express Group, Ltd. FondSvoboda words Express Print Media LLC, Express Media, LLC Polygraph have the opportunity to register a free tax bills in the Unified Register. "- reported in the department, adding that a formal complaint against these companies in Mindohodov organs have been reported.

The ministry categorically denied an improper influence over the newspaper. "Statements about the pressure on the newspaper Express unfounded. To officers or employees of this or other media by the Ministry makes no demands on the adjustment of editorial policy at all of any other claims," ​​- said in a statement Mindohodov.

Recall that the last representatives of the newspaper Express said the Reporter.biz that all businesses that provide its preparation, production and distribution, were prevented from registering an overhead in the Unified Register of tax bills, which is administered by the central apparatus of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine.

In Dnepropetrovsk chose the logo and slogan of the city

More than 5,000 residents of Dnipropetrovsk participated in the selection of the logo and slogan of the city.

It is reported that about 1,500 residents voted in favor of a symbol with a picture of "towers" Merefa-Kherson bridge and the "sun" Interpaypstali enclosed in a heart-shaped outline with a rocket flying out.

In the vote, which ended on August 5, residents of Dnipropetrovsk also chose the slogan "A new every day."

"On the ballot were presented 4 logo on which experts have bothered to detail. Among the options once appeared the leader of voting - a sign where there is a symbolism of the heart. Deputy corps of the city council agreed that it was the view of citizens will be taken into account when choosing a logo of Dnipropetrovsk. Therefore it is an option with a heart will be presented for approval at the next session of the deputies of the city council, which is tentatively scheduled for mid-September, "- said the head of the International Department of Dnipropetrovsk City Council Natalia Chernishova.

It is unclear whether the deputies "packet" vote for the logo and slogan or consider them separately.

In preparing the draft decision officials would consult with experts, can we at the same time and decide the fate of the logo and slogan, or to do it individually. In addition to the session, and promised to develop a brand book - the instruction to use the logo.

"It is in brandbook need to paint all the detail that the red heart ring symbolizes the steel industry, blue - rocket science, but the very heart reflects the love of the residents to their city. For example, it is permissible to include the outline of the heart is not only the already approved facilities and everything, the same Transfiguration Cathedral, which mnoigie also considered one of the symbols of Dnipropetrovsk. We are not saying that the logo is a dogma, because before the logo was Dnipropetrovsk bucket, but the life of me, and I do not pour a bucket. So we choose the logo for a period of time. We hope that our lives will change qualitatively, the towers remain in the past, and will conclude at the heart of something completely different "- explained Chernishova.

It should be noted that the development of a logo, slogan, brand book is part of the Dnepropetrovsk marketing and investment strategy of development of the city and funded by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the project Mergen.

The total cost of the project is about 300 thousand hryvnia. The second phase of the project, funded by the Canadians, will begin in November and will include the manufacture of products already with the new logo and slogan.

Recall, on January 26 in Dnepropetrovsk presented the new brand Petrikovka - the unique cultural heritage of Ukraine.

Express newspaper journalists held a protest, putting Klimenko 48-hour ultimatum

Today, August 14, Lviv held a protest of local journalists largest in Ukraine Ukrainian-language newspaper Express, which charges tax in blocking their work.

According to representatives of the Reporter.biz edition, at 12:00 on the square in front of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of income dozens of journalists lined up, putting in front of a large banner with the image of a crossed Minister Alexander Klimenko .

A representative of the wording in a megaphone read "ultimatum", which refers to the edition with the requirements of the tax authorities within 48 hours "to stop any illegal actions that prevent or restrict the activities of six enterprises that issue of the newspaper Express."

The publication asks officials to prosecute officials involved in organizing the pressure on the paper. Otherwise, journalists promised "any means not prohibited by law to protect their rights and freedoms from violations and illegal encroachments."

Yesterday the newspaper reported that the Ministry of income and charges without any explanation a second time in the last three months has blocked a full six activities of enterprises engaged in the preparation and publication of the newspaper Express. In the department of Alexander Klimenko charges journalists reject .

Earlier media reported that, during the traditional summer lull particularly active political show two deputy prime ministers - Sergei Arbuzov and Alexander Vilkul . Almost every day in the national and regional media leave their statements on various, often insignificant occasions.

Reuters: Henkel apologized to the Ukraine for the blue-and-yellow toilet freshener

The German manufacturer of hygiene products and cleaning Henkel stopped issuing a toilet freshener in the form of blue-and-yellow rectangle in response to the outrage of Ukrainians, who saw this production a hint of the national flag.

This was reported today by the authoritative news agency Reuters.

Promotional clip with Henkel products last week was broadcast on Russian television, which is watched by many Ukrainians rebelled plot, in which blue-and-yellow sticker-flavor sticks to the inner circumference of the toilet bowl.

"We are very sorry if people were offended by the design of our new product. We have already stopped production, distribution and advertising of the product in such a design" - the Torah Birol told Reuters, Director, detergents and cleaners Henkel in the Ukraine.
Henkel's sales declines for toilet freshener, reminiscent of the flag of Ukraine

"Feelings of consumers for Henkel is most important." Many users have outraged comments on the page of the company to Facebook.

Birol said that the color of a new product unintentionally coincided with the Ukrainian dvukolorom: blue sticker symbolizes water and hygiene, and yellow - lemon scent which is often used in such products.

Recall that in August the Ukrainian flag has turned out to be the object of a scandal when a musician of American pop-punk band Bloodhound Gang urinated on him during a speech in Kiev after podtersya Russian tricolor at a concert in Odessa. Ukraine bans entry rocker in the coming years.
Bloodhound Gang in Kiev: was the desecration of the flag of Ukraine?

As reported, the scandalous behavior of the musician's band Bloodhound Gang during a concert in Kiev Green Theater on July 30 has been construed as an act of public outrage over the national flag of Ukraine. On this fact a criminal case.

In turn, fans Bloodhound Gang and many witnesses scandalous Kyiv concert rock band in one voice say that in fact the musicians do not pollute the Ukrainian flag, and certainly did not try to do it on purpose.

Recall that after the scandal with the group Bloodhound Gang in the network has a video infomercial in which the alleged copy of the Ukrainian flag, as claimed by Internet users "is used as an air freshener in the toilet."

Time passed poppy." The main competitor of McDonald's complained about the refusal of the Russian TV infomercial company

Key Russian television stations refused to broadcast live the full version of the video advertising network fast food Burger King with the slogan poppy time ago!

The video shows a poppy flower, which falls on top of a sandwich from Burger King. The voiceover says, "It's poppy. Once it was popular, but his time has passed."

In turn, the management of the leading Russian TV channels decided not to let the roller on the air, according to a release issued by Burger King. Motivated the decision that such advertising conflicts with the editorial policy of TV channels.

The representatives of Burger King complained that the advertising on the channels refused TNT, STS, Russia 2, NTV and pepper. There will be an edited version of an advertisement is shown. The full version of advertising decided to show only the Ren-TV, 2x2 and Disney. In addition, the video is also available on YouTube.
Russian TV channels refused to show the controversial movie of Burger King

In Burger King argue that the maximum has been featured in advertising as a metaphor for a bad habit, because of which people are using one thing, paying no attention to the alternatives.

This week, the Reporter.biz wrote about another advertising scandal - German manufacturer of hygiene products and cleaning Henkel has stopped production of a toilet freshener in the form of blue-and-yellow rectangle in response to the outrage of Ukrainians, who saw this production a hint of the national flag.

Burger King Corporation - an American company, the owner of the fast food chain Burger King. Founded in 1954, Burger King chain now has more than 12.6 million pixels in 86 countries and is the second largest chain of fast food restaurants in the world after the network McDonalds. The headquarters is located in Miami, Florida. A staple of the network are the burgers. A key competitor Burger King is a network of McDonald's , which in Russian is often referred to as "MakDak" or "poppy".

Independence Day on Our Radio

Especially for Independence Day and our radio operator videobordov HiTech carry out the action, "Put on your embroidery" - for all of our people, for real Ukrainians!

There is a picture of you in embroided? Just post it on your page VKontakte, Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to include hashtag # vyshyvanka (the # sign will help everyone in your social networks to see the photo). You can put photos now! 10 most brilliant, patriotic and emotional picture will take pride of place on videobordah Kiev from 24 to 26 August, and on sotsstranitsah and Nashe Radio Online!

Well, August 24 from 10 to 18 hours at the European Square near a special stand Nashe Radio all interested persons will also be a photo opportunity and get on one of the main holiday videobordov capital. And besides congratulate all of Ukraine's Independence Day in our radio broadcast!

Ukrainian TV channel will show the cartoons for the first time in 3D

In mid-August, channel QTV under contract with the film company DreamWorks (USA) will broadcast 3D-animated series.

In particular, the August 19 start showing 3D-animated television series Kung Fu Panda, which is a logical extension of the full-length film, released on the world's screens in 2008.

Following the Panda, is scheduled for September 9 Dragons cartoon series premiere of Burke and horsemen - the continuation of the cartoon How to Train Your Dragon.

The largest Ukrainian language newspaper of the country resumed work

All enterprises that provide training and publish the newspaper Express this morning resumed full operation, told representatives of the Reporter.biz edition.
"The Ministry of income lifted restrictions on its central site, which were installed last Monday - without any justification or explanation," - they said.

Chief editor Igor Repairings thanked all those who supported the paper, noting that despite the cessation of the pressure to publish, the paper will seek legal assessment of the actions of officials of the ministry.

Recall that on 13 July, the newspaper reported that the Ministry of income and charges without any explanation a second time in the last three months has blocked a full six activities of enterprises engaged in the preparation and publication of the newspaper Express. In the department of Alexander Klimenko charges journalists reject . August 14 in Lviv held a protest journalists publishing, during which an ultimatum was announced, with which the publication has asked the tax authorities to the requirements for 48 hours "to stop any illegal actions that prevent or restrict the activities of six enterprises that issue of the newspaper Express."

Syrian hackers have set for The Washington Post readers redirect to your website

Website of the American newspaper The Washington Post August 15, was attacked by hackers.
Internet users trying to read the articles publication to a Web site so-called Syrian electronic army. Employees of the publication was able to restore normal operation of the site.

Hackers from the group's support the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad .

Recall that in April twitter account agency AP was hacked by Syrian hackers, it was taken by a message saying that the White House, two explosions occurred and that President Barack Obama was injured. Hackers from the Syrian electronic army also carried out attacks on the Financial Times, Guardian, CBS and NPR.