среда, 21 августа 2013 г.

In Mindohodov deny the lock of the largest newspaper in Western Ukraine

The Ministry of income and fees denies blocking of newspaper Express.
"We inform you that any action aimed at limiting the ability of companies that publish a newspaper, register tax bills in the Unified Register of tax bills, officials of the Ministry of income and charges of Ukraine did not materialize. Currently OOO Express Newspaper, LLC Express Group, Ltd. FondSvoboda words Express Print Media LLC, Express Media, LLC Polygraph have the opportunity to register a free tax bills in the Unified Register. "- reported in the department, adding that a formal complaint against these companies in Mindohodov organs have been reported.

The ministry categorically denied an improper influence over the newspaper. "Statements about the pressure on the newspaper Express unfounded. To officers or employees of this or other media by the Ministry makes no demands on the adjustment of editorial policy at all of any other claims," ​​- said in a statement Mindohodov.

Recall that the last representatives of the newspaper Express said the Reporter.biz that all businesses that provide its preparation, production and distribution, were prevented from registering an overhead in the Unified Register of tax bills, which is administered by the central apparatus of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine.

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