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Reuters: Henkel apologized to the Ukraine for the blue-and-yellow toilet freshener

The German manufacturer of hygiene products and cleaning Henkel stopped issuing a toilet freshener in the form of blue-and-yellow rectangle in response to the outrage of Ukrainians, who saw this production a hint of the national flag.

This was reported today by the authoritative news agency Reuters.

Promotional clip with Henkel products last week was broadcast on Russian television, which is watched by many Ukrainians rebelled plot, in which blue-and-yellow sticker-flavor sticks to the inner circumference of the toilet bowl.

"We are very sorry if people were offended by the design of our new product. We have already stopped production, distribution and advertising of the product in such a design" - the Torah Birol told Reuters, Director, detergents and cleaners Henkel in the Ukraine.
Henkel's sales declines for toilet freshener, reminiscent of the flag of Ukraine

"Feelings of consumers for Henkel is most important." Many users have outraged comments on the page of the company to Facebook.

Birol said that the color of a new product unintentionally coincided with the Ukrainian dvukolorom: blue sticker symbolizes water and hygiene, and yellow - lemon scent which is often used in such products.

Recall that in August the Ukrainian flag has turned out to be the object of a scandal when a musician of American pop-punk band Bloodhound Gang urinated on him during a speech in Kiev after podtersya Russian tricolor at a concert in Odessa. Ukraine bans entry rocker in the coming years.
Bloodhound Gang in Kiev: was the desecration of the flag of Ukraine?

As reported, the scandalous behavior of the musician's band Bloodhound Gang during a concert in Kiev Green Theater on July 30 has been construed as an act of public outrage over the national flag of Ukraine. On this fact a criminal case.

In turn, fans Bloodhound Gang and many witnesses scandalous Kyiv concert rock band in one voice say that in fact the musicians do not pollute the Ukrainian flag, and certainly did not try to do it on purpose.

Recall that after the scandal with the group Bloodhound Gang in the network has a video infomercial in which the alleged copy of the Ukrainian flag, as claimed by Internet users "is used as an air freshener in the toilet."

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