CNN and Time sites attacked Syrian hackers

Hackers supportive of Bashar al-Assad Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) announced hacking websites of CNN and the magazine Time.

About it, they reported in Twitter. In turn, the publication explained the problem with the site burglary of an external service.

According to the SEA, the hackers managed to hack an external service Outbrain, which was used as a site for CNN and Time, and for The Washington Post, about the breaking of which was reported earlier.

As a result, some of the pages of American publications, websites were set to automatically redirect to the website Syrian factions.

As Time reported that hacking is not directly affected by the journal website: hackers used modules are posted on the site, but under the control of Outbrain.

Recall that in April this year, the agency AP Twitter was hacked by Syrian hackers, it was taken by a message saying that the White House, two explosions occurred and that President Barack Obama was injured. Hackers from the Syrian electronic army also carried out attacks on the Financial Times, Guardian, CBS and NPR.

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