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Helen clearly presented as increases his surprise

Eugene frowned. Helen clearly presented as increases his surprise - one that produces so much noise?

- Nothing, - the old man muttered grumpily and nervously pulling his neck finally disappeared in the apartment, slamming the door latches and locks pogremev.

Helen turned to Paolo. Their eyes met. From his gaze made her feel uncomfortable.

- Perhaps you'd better come in, - she said at last. In my head rang, my heart was beating more often. Even the intervention of Eugène not made her forget about fateful words spoken Paolo.

Because it is not a courtesy visit.

- I'll come back tomorrow, - he said he'd just realized the time. - I'm worried about your neighbors.

- You still have all concerned - she shrugged. - I'm leaving in the morning. So let's finish today.

Helene instinctively grabbed his hand, intending to spend inside. And pulled, feeling the taut muscles under his hand, concealed under a leather jacket.

She should not touch it. He is a stranger. And never be hers.

Paolo turned, watching her eyes. Taut as a string. Wonder no. She probably as much as trying to forget about it - all that connected them.

Hell, he also tried! And for the most part he is good at it - until recently, when almost forgotten past reminded about themselves.

Paolo's eyes continued to monitor her movements around the apartment. He can still leave. To find a better time. Perhaps even send a fax, make business more formal. He is a lawyer, after all. What only he did not have to face, and almost always he kept himself.

He now manages almost. Only there is it something from which the heart stops: unimaginable curls of blond hair, formed by contact with a pillow, mysterious eyes, shadowed eyelashes, full lips with a strip in the place where they bit her lower teeth ...

The same girl he knew for a long time. The same light British accent, the same mixture of call and timidity. But there was also something new.

Seductive movements of her rounded hips under the silk robe makes you forget about the pain that brought him here, and think about a much more pleasant things.

Sighing, Paolo followed her into the apartment.

Was Helen such an attractive twelve years ago? Had problems had risen while in front of them were not allowed to think about anything like that? Or is it time to turn a pretty young female student in a charming woman?

With effort, he interrupted the flow of thoughts. Notice the attractiveness of women in ten minutes before going to divorce her, a little late, is not it?

She stopped in the tastefully decorated living room and lit the night-light. In the room I poured soft light, dim screen inserted into pieces of colored glass.

- Would you like something to drink?

Something like it is definitely needed. But not because she asked. At the moment, she herself wanted to gain time. Despite twelve years of waiting, the news still hit her too suddenly. Shocking news.

Trying to breathe and do not pull the belt robe, she waited for his answer. He seemed to fill an entire room, making the furniture looked too small, warmed the air around it - even a person on fire - and forced to think that no evil would have to wear a gown something more substantial tiny pink panties.