среда, 21 августа 2013 г.

During the promotional LG in Seoul affected 20 people

20 people were injured during a promotion LG in Seoul, South Korea, reports the Korea Times.

The incident occurred during the promotions of the new smartphone G2.

Since then the company has canceled several promotional events.

The company distributes promotional vouchers for smart phones that were attached to balloons filled with helium.

People came to the promotional campaign with pneumatic guns and knives attached to a stick to get those balls.

Several wounded had to go to the doctors. The company LG said it will pay for their medical expenses.

In a statement, LG announced that it cancels the other planned actions for security reasons.

LG has extended 100 balls, each of which contained a voucher for a free smartphone. This action took place in a park in Seoul.

The company announced that the phones cost more than $ 850 will be free to give in exchange for vouchers.

Armed Visitors shares went for balls, as soon as they were released into the air.

Local television compare the beginning of the struggle for phones with an episode in the film "War of the Worlds Z", when the zombies began to climb on top of each other to climb over the wall.

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