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In Dnepropetrovsk chose the logo and slogan of the city

More than 5,000 residents of Dnipropetrovsk participated in the selection of the logo and slogan of the city.

It is reported that about 1,500 residents voted in favor of a symbol with a picture of "towers" Merefa-Kherson bridge and the "sun" Interpaypstali enclosed in a heart-shaped outline with a rocket flying out.

In the vote, which ended on August 5, residents of Dnipropetrovsk also chose the slogan "A new every day."

"On the ballot were presented 4 logo on which experts have bothered to detail. Among the options once appeared the leader of voting - a sign where there is a symbolism of the heart. Deputy corps of the city council agreed that it was the view of citizens will be taken into account when choosing a logo of Dnipropetrovsk. Therefore it is an option with a heart will be presented for approval at the next session of the deputies of the city council, which is tentatively scheduled for mid-September, "- said the head of the International Department of Dnipropetrovsk City Council Natalia Chernishova.

It is unclear whether the deputies "packet" vote for the logo and slogan or consider them separately.

In preparing the draft decision officials would consult with experts, can we at the same time and decide the fate of the logo and slogan, or to do it individually. In addition to the session, and promised to develop a brand book - the instruction to use the logo.

"It is in brandbook need to paint all the detail that the red heart ring symbolizes the steel industry, blue - rocket science, but the very heart reflects the love of the residents to their city. For example, it is permissible to include the outline of the heart is not only the already approved facilities and everything, the same Transfiguration Cathedral, which mnoigie also considered one of the symbols of Dnipropetrovsk. We are not saying that the logo is a dogma, because before the logo was Dnipropetrovsk bucket, but the life of me, and I do not pour a bucket. So we choose the logo for a period of time. We hope that our lives will change qualitatively, the towers remain in the past, and will conclude at the heart of something completely different "- explained Chernishova.

It should be noted that the development of a logo, slogan, brand book is part of the Dnepropetrovsk marketing and investment strategy of development of the city and funded by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the project Mergen.

The total cost of the project is about 300 thousand hryvnia. The second phase of the project, funded by the Canadians, will begin in November and will include the manufacture of products already with the new logo and slogan.

Recall, on January 26 in Dnepropetrovsk presented the new brand Petrikovka - the unique cultural heritage of Ukraine.

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